Anti-Aging Food, Free Radicals Cells Damage

The truth is: there is no anti-aging food that can help us to be around forever.

Therefore aging gracefully and being healthy for as long as we can is a noble goal, since after all, there is no one on planet Earth, who can stop our cells in-build, self-distraction process.

This is a programmed process, and this is what a molecular biologist Dr. Paola Chiozzi from University of Ferrara in Italy was strongly convinced of, after her more than 20 years of research and experience.

Aging and cells

Our bodies are the sum of cells, there are trillions of them, acting as the smallest building blocks to make up tissues and organs.  Cells are to die and be replaced by new ones.  This process is controlled by body systems to maintain the precise balance between the cell death and their formation.

Although we cannot help anyone to have a perfect cellular health and re-construction, neither can we help on how to fix the damage perfectly, however we can help with advice on how to eliminate the age related health disorders by correct nutrition and additional nutritional supplements.  So you can go through the phase of aging, with grace and dignity.

There is a theory which is believed to explain aging. To maintain strong cells, meaning sound health, you cannot avoid knowing about unseen enemies of cells - free radicals or oxidants.

Free radicals, invisible enemies of cells

These are produced internally when cells in the body produce energy by burning oxygen. The normal metabolism process in the body is also the cause.
Being unstable, free radicals contain one or more unpaired electrons. This inequality makes free radicals attack the other cells to steal electrons from the good cells, and so damaging them.  Degeneration of cells accumulated by oxidants together with the passage of time is the pathway to aging.

Food, environment, medicines and other factors have an impact on our cells. Cell integrity is a vital part of our health.  Earlier we mentioned some factors that cause us “to rust”, now we are going to tell you a bit about antioxidants. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals so to prevent cell damage and slow down the symptoms of premature aging.

Anti-aging food, free radicals neutralizer

Foods rich in antioxidant are sometimes called anti-aging food.  Some foods especially vegetables and fruits are good for your antioxidant nutrition diet. Vitamins E, C, A, beta carotene are all good sources of antioxidants.  Among these are

  • walnuts,
  • almonds,
  • avocados,
  • fish oils,
  • green veggies,
  • apricots,
  • milk,
  • olives,
  • grains,
  • citrus fruits.

There are few more powerful ones to consider: pomegranate, blueberries, cranberries, blackberry, red kidney beans and artichoke.

Prevention is the best cure, so take it wisely as a mature person to figure out what anti-aging food should be on your table day after day.  Slow aging and nutrition are related directly.  The core idea is to assist your body with foods that stops free radicals damaging the cells.  Along with the anti-aging foods there are some, as they call it, anti-aging supplements, based on certain herbs known for their antioxidant properties and used in traditional medicine for centuries.

I take some of them time after time, as a preventive measure, because I believe that taking a good potency antioxidant supplement, which consists of powerful herbal extracts or special ingredients formulation shouldn’t be a part of nutrition for seniors only.   

Anti-aging supplements

There are certain nutrients which specifically work towards cells integrity, anti-oxidation, immune system support, cells re-generation etc. These are found in foods, however foods can not provide the vital balance required for optimum health and disease prevention.

Therefore supplementation is advised to aging people in order to obtain most of the essentials at once in correct or targeted proportion. In fact taking a good quality multinutrient supplement is equal to consuming so-called super-food. If you consider this option then please take a glimpse at nutrients in some exclusive products, proved to be anti-aging.

Your health becomes more fragile with age.  Therefore taking a good care of it by applying principles of free radical neutralizing diet, that lay in anti-aging foods and supplements are a must to keep you going through your aging gracefully and disease free life.

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