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It is all about Arginine. Incredible, grateful, real people stories from different places and having various health conditions, though having one thing in common. They all decided to give a try to the same product containing this natural substance and other goodies..

The results speak for themselves!

Liz Miller, Scotland

I have been diagnosed with a liver condition and, other than using a low fat diet; there is no known cure available on NHS.  After 18 months of constant blood tests, scans and all the usual investigations, I am no   further   forward and at the stage where I am willing to try anything. Having been told of Arginine and read of how it affects the body as a whole but in particular, the liver, I felt that Arginine is my magic potion.

I have been using Arginine for two weeks now and experienced weird and wonderful things in this time. I have lost a lot of interest in cigarettes and have cut down drastically, with no concentrated effort at all.

My hair shines and my skin glows once again and I seem to be losing the puffiness in my face and ankles.  I know my system is now breaking down the fats in my liver, my kidneys seem to be dealing with the fluid    retention and I have had no gall bladder pain at all in this time.  I have to see the consultant again in a few months and will be interested to know the results of the blood tests this time

I have now just received my second order of Arginine having miscalculated as my son is also using it. He was diagnosed with ME when he was about 18 and is now 26. He’s coped wonderfully well and now holds down a very demanding and stressful job but must sleep in advance in order to deal with the demands of his busy life.  After 3 days on Arginine, he said that he felt  “A haze had lifted”.

But beware the side effects of Arginine – somehow, it inspires my son to go out and buy paint and thereafter persuade his mum to help him paint both sitting room and hall. Two weeks ago, I didn’t have the energy to paint a kiddies’ colouring book, far less walls. I feel sure that something magic is happening.

Fear Ends where Faith Begins…….

Roger and Catherine Goody,

I am very pleased to be able to report that the taking of Arginine and Micro Nutrition has lowered the blood  pressure of my wife, within 7 days of starting to take the product and has improved her irritable bowel complaint, eased the hot flushes she was getting and her panic attacks when she became tired are no more.

For myself I have always been an active man, in more ways than one and can vouch for the fact that the products have put that spring back into my stride and added more lead to my pencil, even at the age of 63!

Julie Ibekwe, Hove

After taking the products for 2 days I noticed a great improvement in my Arthritis, less pain, stiffness and discomfort. After 4 days the inflammation in my knee had gone and the pain in my hips had disappeared.

I have not taken any pain killers or  medication since I feel great on the product. My twenty year battle with Arthritis has been greatly improved and thanks to the company for improving my quality of life.

Lorraine Routledge, Newcastle

I am amazed that Arginine and micro nutrition can do all the things that it does! I have type 2 Diabetes and need to control this by following a careful diet plan. However, my blood sugar level was high until I started taking Arginine.

After two months, my blood sugar has normalised. I was able to stop taking aspirin, so no more upset stomach. I feel great and have lots more energy; visits to the gym are a pleasure now! I didn’t realise I was feeling so ill before until I started to feel so much better.

Cath James, Birmingham

Hi, I'd like to tell you my story, back in December 2004 I was taken into hospital I was feeling dreadful, coughing, pains in my chest I thought that it may be a heart attack.  After a few days they diagnosed that I had C O P D which is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. When I came out of hospital I had to have a mobile oxygen bottle and still found it hard to even walk around my flat.

Then I started to take the products I had only been  taking it a few weeks, when I had to see my doctor at the hospital. The results were astonishing. Over Christmas my lung capacity count was 25, now it is 185. He said “I have no need to see you any more”, and gave me a discharge note. Since then I am going from strength to strength. I have increased my hours at work, I find shopping a real pleasure and am able to walk for hours without pain. I have even bought an exercise bike. Thank you.

Christ Brummitt, 48, Bucks

I have woken up every morning for about 2 years with a splitting headache and tension at the back of my head. I haven't been getting them at all since taking the product.

Helen Krauze, Mother of 4, Bucks

Doing Maths A level and not sleeping through the stress.  “The pink drink is the only thing keeping me going. Normally id feel awful in the morning if id not slept, but I feel fine.”

Abi Classey, 24, Hove

I first started to really notice results when I went to the gym. I took the pink drink in a sports I first started to really notice results when I went to the gym. I took the pink drink in a sports bottle with me and found that I was running quicker and for 50% longer, I have also lost body fat and noticed that fine lines around my eyes have gone.

I also developed the first stages of cervical cancer and avoided having laser treatment because within 2 months the cells had cleared up. The optimum nutrition that I am receiving and argnine have really transformed the way I have been feeling, I now don’t have to take painkillers for PMT as the products are a great substitute and its kept me going through all the stress and extra hours I’ve been working and thank you for making this possible and giving me my dream!

Ron Wilhit, Texas, USA

Just a note to say once again thank you Mark for your insight and vision with the company and its products. As you know when I met you back in April, I was in quite some   discomfort, at 47 my body due to many factors was bloated, over weight and  tingling with numbness, my ankles swollen and if not numb or falling asleep, achy. As I listened to your  testimony I was impressed with your love for your Dad and God. You have taken that and transferred it towards others through the company. You gave me a sample of your product that lasted me 7 days.

During that time my body went through some not so comfortable detoxing by day 4 I noticed that the swelling in my feet was nearly gone and the feeling was coming back. At the weekend my wife was impressed at the fact I wasn’t limping around or using my cane. Needless to say I ran out and had to wait like everyone else for that great day in May for the companies launch to sign up as a distributor and start on the products properly.

I have now been enjoying the products for over a month and feel better everyday. I still haven’t made the time for routine exercise which I know I need, however even without it; I was on 11 prescription drugs for my asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, allergies and pain. I have not had to take any Zyrtec (allergy drug) in the last 5 weeks, Terbutaline (lung congestion drug) in the last 5 weeks, Tricor (cholesterol drug) in the last 3 weeks and I’ve only had to take my anti-inflammatory / pain pill once in the past 6 wks and that was because I over did it on my bad knee at the church picnic. What a start!

I cant wait to see 6 months from now what God has in store. I hope to get the lungs, heart and diabetes under control as well. The best thing above all is the energy I feel with our product. I get much more done and with God on my side I feel more positive and vibrant all day long. Thanks again and God bless you and your company as we reach out to share the good news and results that can be attained if given the chance.

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Paul Diggens, Tennis Coach, Hove

I am a professional tennis coach and in recent years I discovered my blood pressure was high.  Since taking Arginine and Micro Nutrition my blood pressure readings have both dropped by about 10 points.  I also noticed greater energy levels including better performances in the gym particularly quicker recovery times.  My skin, which suffers being exposed to outside elements, has also improved, due to better circulation.

Lynda Lee, Nurse, Hove

Lynda Lee (known to everybody as Giggs). Professionally I am an RGN working as a full time night nurse at St Dunstans I was amazed with my energy levels since taking the products during the “twilight” hours of my night duty and how awake I feel!!  I have always taken daily Sudafed tablets for my sinuses which have been troublesome for some 5 years.  However since May 1st I have not had to take any Sudafed!

Sylvia Kershaw, 38, Longwick

Was getting panicky tight feelings in my chest with the pressure of work, but they have now gone completely.

Lydia Ross, 83, Bournemouth

I couldn’t walk 1/4 mile on Thursday without sitting down for a rest. I started on the products on Friday morning and by Monday walked all around the pedestrian part of Woburn Safari park including hills!

Not had to take asthma inhaler at all since starting on product!

Matthew Newnham, Scotland

I'm an active runner and swimmer, but my training can be irregular, depending on the demands of work. Two weeks after starting to take Arginine and micro nutrition, I went for a morning swim and despite not having done any training for a few months, my 800 metre time was 2 minutes faster than my previous best, with the same level of effort. This is a significant result, given my training history.

The greatest danger for most of us is not that we aim too high and we miss it, but we aim too low and reach it.- Michelangelo

Sally Gilroy and Mum, Farnham

I developed a foot infection, which started on the Saturday night. By the time I got home I could barely walk. I went to A & E because I thought that I had fractured my foot, it was that bad. I was told I had an infection and was offered antibiotics but refused. I came home and took several scoops of the product and made a drink and by Monday morning I was walking again and by Tuesday it had cleared up.

My mother had a very bad rash that was never identified by the various doctors that tried to diagnose the problem. The skin condition makes her skin go hard and crack into open wounds all over her body.  She has been on steroids and various medications and was hospitalised for 3 weeks last year.  She has had many sleepless nights and has found it very hard to deal with. Within 5 days of taking the product the itching stopped and her skin is clearing up. She also has more movement in her hips since she had her hips replaced.

Emina Manenti, 32, Hove

I am 33 years old and have 3 children, my life is very demanding and hectic as you can imagine. Ever since I was a teenager I suffered from extremely painful headaches, which were sometimes   followed by sickness. As I got older, in my twenties I had them more often and they gradually got worse than ever. They totally controlled my life. I went to bed with a headache and woke up with one.

My days started with Paracetemol and ended with Ibroprufen I had to sleep for at least 1 hour as soon as I got home from work, before even speaking to anyone and saying “honey I’m home” I did not have a life, my family life suffered and I could not enjoy watching my children grow, it had made my life a misery.  I was in a bad mood most of the time and was totally dissatisfied as I was incapable of doing anything.

My energy levels were so low that I even felt a need to use the car to get to the newsagent on the top of the road, 200 yds away. I put weight on as I was so inactive and then I was even more unhappy, it was a vicious circle that I was stuck in, I never left my house without pain killers and all along I was poisoning myself day by day.

Then, my friend of 12 years called me. He knew of my illness and he suggested I try the Arginine and Micro Nutrition product.  I was taking the product for 5 days before I realized that during those 5 days I did not have a headache!!  I also have incredible energy levels, I run around all day long. I now love walking and have enrolled in the gym (which is unheard of) I have my own business a house full of people 2 demanding young boys and a 1 yr old girl who requires my attention 24/7.

I have also lost weight without even trying to and people have noticed. My skin looks and feels totally different and for the first time in my life I actually FEEL healthy. I wake at 7 am now with no problem and I feel focused and clear minded all the time. Since taking the products I’ve not had one headache and I can say it has changed my life and my kids are very happy with their new mum!!

I feel fantastic!!

Great stuff! It got lots of science behind. It does work. Prove it to yourself!

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