The Best Vitamin Supplements' Bio-Availability.

Do They Actually Work Properly?

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The choice of the "best" products being marketed today, such as best vitamin supplements, best weight loss product, sports nutrition, etc. is often confusing.

We highlight the problem of quality here. Read on and you will gain a clear view from this two page report.

Nutritional Supplements Pros & Cons

Some years ago a colleague of mine mentioned something about the best vitamins and minerals supplements. When I asked how was he sure they were the best. He could only say: "Well, my friend takes them for years, he told me that." Fine!  I wasn't convinced. 

What are the quality criteria for the best vitamin supplements or multinutrients products?  What else, apart from the quality ingredients, should determine their quality? Answering these questions may help you to make better choices when buying another bottle of pills.

Hundreds of companies offer their products to the consumers these days.  Some of them work, some don’t.  Some supplements simply work as “placebo” while others have strength.  Some can be harmful for you.  For some people certain stuff works better than for others due to age, gender, weight, cultural habits, hereditary, immune system etc. 

But what about the efficacy? When we buy the product we hope it works well and rightly so. We expect some  good result, while not really understanding what challenges the efficacy of nutritional supplements. The quality issues. Who can help you to tell the difference?

The Supplements' Manufacturing  & Marketing Regulations Peculiarities

The following four paragraphs and the next article will give you some understanding of supplements quality regulations in comparison to pharmaceutical drugs.

In America the body responsible for this and similar issues is Food and Drug Administration.  As for supplements FDA is responsible for good practice and product manufacture standards, labeling, dosage, safety, claims etc.

However, unlike drug products, there are NO provisions in the law for FDA to approve effectiveness of the given supplements before they reach the customer. With regard to safety of a dietary supplement, FDA has to prove that the product is unsafe in order to limit its use or take it from the market. On the contrary, before being allowed to market a drug product, manufacturers must comply with FDA regulations, to get an approval and provide strong evidence of its safety and efficacy. 

FDA has strict labeling requirements for the dietary supplements. Product label has to provide truthful and not misleading information.  In addition to this in 2007 FDA issued a set of requirements for dietary supplements called Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).  Manufacturers who meet these requirements are now expected to guarantee the identity, purity, composition and potency of their dietary supplements.

To sum up: compared to supplements the medical drugs are approved and regulated by FDA as pharmaceutically graded which guaranty their safety, purity, efficacy and bio-availability. 

What would you feel if you were to take the supplement product that fall into this category? Not too bad for best vitamin supplements is it?

The Products Of Pharmaceutical Grade..The Nutritional Super Supplements?

Those ones will exceed your expectations in a sense of.. A few things you must know before you buy dietary supplements. This article is continued on the next page.

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