Cholesterol Eggs and Heart Healthy Diet

There is a sort of cholesterol eggs' caution in the minds of some health conscious individuals. Yes, eggs contain ample amount of cholesterol. However, it is wise not to follow the crowd, and learn a bit more updated information.

About Cholesterol and Heart Healthy Diet

Sometimes, those sticking with heart healthy diets are scared to death with the cholesterol in their food.  Cholesterol in meat, cholesterol in eggs, it's in this food and in that! The common concept of it, is: "it is a bad guy".

Cholesterol gained a bad reputation because it is believed to contribute to the scale build up in our arteries which leads to atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, etc.

Many scientists and MDs are changing their understanding of cholesterol these days.  We’ve been looking at total cholesterol in foods, we’ve been looking at LDL cholesterol, and so numbers are wrong.

For instance, it's not that simple when it comes to numbers - there is a good LDL and bad LDL, though it is measured only as LDL.  What is the LDL for?  What is it doing in our blood?  LDL means Low-density Lipoprotein and considered to be bad cholesterol.  The purpose of all those HDL, LDL is to distribute fats in our body.  These cholesterol carrying particles have essential vitamins in them and deliver vitamins K, A, and E; good fats we all need, such as Omega 3, also essential Omega 6.

We need fats, all our cells consist of fats, and our brain is a fatty organ, that we need to supply with various types of good fats from food.  Your body produces some amount of cholesterol in order to provide many bodily functions including fat distribution to the cells.

Cholesterol and Arteries' Plaque Formation

Why are we so scared of this stuff that is always present in our blood?   Well, the cholesterol myth is another mainstream health scare story, to put it straight.  Right, cholesterol, this neutral, harmless liquid in our bloodstream, becomes dangerous only when it gets oxidized.  Then it turns into arteries’ blocker.

How to stop this?  How to save your arteries from plaque build up?   Since cutting on cholesterol in eggs and other foods doesn't help much, here is the cure for everyone: exercise, get your body alkalized, stop smoking, and stop eating junk..  If you are eating junk, your blood carries that junk, and your cholesterol carries this junk too.  If your diet is full of those bad fats, junk food and too much sugar, your body can’t use the Lipoprotein particles with the junk in them.

The (LDL particles) can’t get out of the bloodstream to deliver nutrients to your organs, muscles and bones, so this “LDL with junk” deposits in some parts of the body, particularly in the cardiovascular system.

Fear of cholesterol is a tool for needless prescription of statins with big business behind it.  This is what Dr. Cate Shannahan knows from her knowledge and professional experience she firmly believes in.  However, the fact is: the worst culprits for raising cholesterol levels in the blood are processed foods, fried foods, margarine and hydrogenated oils.  They actually trap LDL in the bloodstream, which eventually gets oxidized and turns into plaque in your arteries.

About Cholesterol Eggs

We can assume that to those who eat overall a heart healthy diet, adding some cholesterol from eggs will be harmless.  Back in 1995 the American Heart Association performed a study on cholesterol and eggs and the results changed conventional thinking about this great nutritional product forever.

They took 141 healthy people with a cholesterol level of 227 (the “normal” range back then was 220-270).  Every morning these people had to eat 2 eggs for their breakfast for 6 months and after the 6-month period their cholesterol levels were tested again.  What they found was their cholesterol levels did in fact go up, but they only went up by a tiny amount.

The American Heart Association said the following at their annual meeting on November 15th, 1995…  “We always assumed that eggs were bad for you because they contain cholesterol, but it now appears after this simple study that 2 eggs a day won’t hurt”.

Does the amount of cholesterol in eggs that come from free-range hens differ from eggs of their caged counterparts?  In other words, are those free-range eggs we buy in shops also cholesterol eggs?  Apparently yes, for us though, since we learned this cholesterol eggs nutrition info, it doesn’t really matter now, does it?

If you eat a heart healthy diet, avoid eating bad foods and sugars, exercise, do not smoke you shouldn't worry about the state of your arteries and those cholesterol numbers in your blood.  What's more, they change during the course of the day several times.  Cholesterol eggs stigma should be gone for good, because egg nutrition is so perfectly balanced and rich, so it outweighs many other foods along with some cholesterol misconceptions.

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