Diabetes Nutrition

Diabetes nutrition, what can you eat and what should you be avoiding?

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes then it is important for you to consider different diabetes nutritional information that is available to you.

Perhaps the first thing that you heard upon your diagnosis is that you should be eating a special diet for diabetes.

This can be overwhelming and a lot to accept at first. Plus it can make it seem like you will never enjoy some of your favorite foods again.

diabetes nutrition

The Importance Of Diet In Diabetes Treatment

The reason that diet plays such an important part in diabetes treatment is that it can easily affect and influence your blood sugar. Food can actually work far better than any pharmaceutical drug or other treatment for learning to control your blood sugar.

It is actually possible for a lot of people to completely avoid taking diabetes medications if they learn how to eat the right way. One of the things that you have to remember though is that exercise plays a huge role in being able to control your body and sugar intake.

It can be confusing because the body is still going to need sugar so diabetes nutrition includes a variety of foods, even some that you might not think would be allowed.

Your Own Diet Plan

Before you can prepare your own diet plan, you would need to know how much glucose you need to have each day in your diet. Some studies even support the idea of a diet based solely on the pH of the foods that you eat, also known as the pH diet. 

To maintain a healthy pH balance in your diet you have to eat a variety of foods and eat them together. This is basically not that different from what you are doing with the standard diabetic diet, the only difference being that you learn about the pH levels in the foods instead of the carbs and sugars.

Three main food groups should be consumed at each meal. The food pyramid diet is often the perfect choice for those who have diabetes because it is easy to remember and learn and something that everyone really is capable of following.

This is because it does not ban any foods but only gives guidelines as to which choices are going to be better.

food pyramid

In addition a diabetic has to really watch the amount of fat and carbohydrates that they have in their diet to avoid gaining weight and having problems with obesity as well.

Why The Right Nutrition Is So Important?

Nutrition is so important because there are so many different types of problems that you can suffer from in relation to your diabetes. Many of these are fatal or can cause severe long term damage. Considering the severe consequences, focusing on staying healthy and diabetes free is especially important. 

A salient feature of any diabetes diet is that you have to eat more often than just three meals per day and these have to be smaller meals so that you do not cause your blood sugar to rise or fall drastically.

I have spent a lot of time researching and reading about diabetes nutrition and look forward to sharing what I’ve learnt with you, so if you need further advice or help please contact us

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