About Health Nutrition For Life?

What is Health Nutrition for Life all about and who am I?

For me it all started in mid 90-ties. I still remember that strange feeling of awe and surprise when my girlfriend and I were sitting in my home town cinema watching the film called “Inner Space”.

That was my first travel inside the human body. The plot was exiting but much more exiting were realistic effects of being inside the body and seeing it all.

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From that funny evening I started thinking seriously about the feat of bio engineering creation – human body.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Vitaliy. It has a Latin origin “vita” which means life. Strangely, but I never knew it until I was in my 30-ties when I thought my life would be less complicated when I arrived in London with a small bag and big dreams. Though life proved I was wrong, I had to learn the hard what the word vitality means in the real life.

When I was introduced to the health and nutrition industry in the year 2007 and started my education on this subject, I realized that life was tremendously complex and precious.

The more I got to know about nutrients, processes of absorption, cells re-construction, immune system cells organized work,

and how various body organs and microscopic live particles and organisms work together in perfect harmony to make me live and unique, the more I want to say: “Oh, Lord! It is beyond my comprehension, I know so-o little!”

However I understood the real meaning of saying: ”You are what you eat”. Since then I learned how to listen to my body and apply the principles of healthy nutrition in my everyday life. It gives me the feeling of well-being and confidence that as long as I carry on putting into practice those vital principles of good nutrition I’ll be all right!

This understanding drives my quest for knowledge and this should drive you too, my friend. Do it for your good health sake. Do it for the lives that depend on you. Do it for the people you do not even know yet.

Life Has Really Changed For Me

I can say my life has changed a lot since, I surrounded myself with good, positive, health conscious men and women. In my new circle of colleagues and friends are part time and full-time nutritionists, doctors, network marketers, sports people and people who fight with certain diseases.

They all contributed to what I am now and have kindly shared their experiences, advice and knowledge with me and so do I with them, and of course, I do lots of my own research too.

Thanks to this collective, practical wisdom and expertise, Health Nutrition for Life was created with the purpose to spread it to others. To those who are in trouble due to bad health, those who want to help their friends and love ones. Those who want to get healthier and live longer. Those who want to maintain their health at the optimum level.  Those who wish to know: what, where and how.

We are here for all of you, who want to be in control of your awe-inspiring “inner space”.

I hope you found this information helpful, if you have any questions about health nutrition for life, website - like further information - or would like to just say Hi! Please contact me here; I’d love to hear from you.

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