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There are many benefits that you can get when you consider adding herbal nutrition to your diet.There is so much information that at first it can seem overwhelming and complicated to add these beneficial products to your foods. 

However once you know some simple tips, adding herbs to your diet is really simple and easy. Best of all you will find that you have some amazingly delicious options that taste better than anything else.

Herbal Tea

One simple thing that you can do is drink herbal tea. There are a variety of different herbs that you can use and the tea is simple to prepare. All you need to do is pour hot water over tea bags that have been filled with the herbs. 

In most cases the herbs need to be dried first but sometimes there are options where you can use fresh herbs instead. When herbs are used in tea they can help you to relax and lower your stress levels, some are also great antioxidants.

Some of the best herbs to make teas out of include

  • lavender
  • thyme
  • basil
  • peppermint
  • camomile
  • rooibos.

Cooking With Herbs

If drinking your herbs is not your style, then there are a variety of ways in which you can cook with herbs to get their amazing benefits. Some of the best known herbs for cooking are

  • sage
  • thyme
  • parsley
  • oregano
  • cilantro
  • mint
  • and basil.

There are of course other choices that will work as well. On top of adding their own nutritional benefits you get the benefit of reducing fat while still enhancing flavor. 

So you can easily eliminate a lot of fat and calories when you use herbs as seasoning for cooking. Salad dressings, marinara sauces, and even lavender cheese are great ways to include herbs in your daily diet.

Using Herbs When You Are Ill

When you are not feeling well you can even use herbal nutrition through essential oils. If this is your choice, it is important to make sure that you only use the pure forms of these oils and that you are not using watered down or synthetic versions. 

It is obviously better to ingest pure herbs rather than to take them in supplemental form; however there are times and places where you might not have fresh herbs available to you. At times like these, it is better to consider the different herbal supplements that can help improve your health drastically rather than do without.

Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle Is Important Too

While herbal nutrition is a great way to stay healthy, you must still maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. The best choices here are to maintain a balanced diet by eating from all of the food groups without leaving out any. 

Some of the best guidelines to follow are that you should have two to three servings of dairy each day. If you are lactose intolerant or cannot have dairy products then there are definitely alternatives that are just as healthy. 

When it comes to milk, some of the vegan alternatives are actually better for you than those that come from animals. Almond milk is lower in calories but just as high in calcium which is the vital nutrient that comes from the milk.

Don’t Overlook The Nutritive Value Of Berries

poke weed berries

Berries are another vital food that is often forgotten. Berries offer a variety of different minerals and vitamins and are a great healthy choice that is readily available. 

Berries are always best when fresh but in different seasons and geographical locations you might not be able to find a lot of different choices all year round.

At these times, dried, freeze dried and frozen berries are great alternatives. 

Another great food source if you are trying to be healthy is hemp seeds. These offer high protein and have no bad fats. The hemp seeds have 20 amino acids,  many essential minerals and vitamins, and are good immune system boosters. They are a great mix in with smoothies or even a great topping choice for salads.

Aloe Vera and Its Healing Nutrition

And finally a few words about the  queen of herbal healing nutrition aloe-vera. This pure nutritional, medicinal plant deserves a separate page to be on. I'll mention only a few numerous facts about it.  Anti-inflammatory, pain killing, antiviral, effective on gut flora, skin and collagen cells restorer, useful source of many minerals, vitamins and 19 amino-acids.

I personally had drunk many liters of it's pure gel, and experienced overall tonic effect of this great plant on my health and skin. Many famous people include aloe-vera in their diet and recommend it as a part of the nutrition healing routine.

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