L-arginine Benefits
10 Must Know Pros and Cons

Understanding the side effects and L-arginine benefits

If you are considering l-arginine, then you are probably concerned with the l-arginine benefits and side effects and how they will affect your life.

As with most things, l-arginine has its own negative side effects but when compared to the positive advantages you will understand how it can be beneficial to you.

l-arginine benefits pros cons

Understanding the Pros of l-arginine Benefits

Pro #1
L-arginine is known to help you to lower your blood pressure. It can actually help blood vessels relax when it helps to produce higher levels of nitric oxide.
Pro #2
It helps you to fight cardiovascular disease. It can actually help to restore the production of nitric oxide which is going to improve cardiovascular conditions.In addition to helping improve cardiovascular disease it also helps those suffering from cardiovascular disease to feel better because it helps to reduce their levels of discomfort.
Pro #3
In adults, arginine derived nitric oxide stimulates the body to release the human growth hormone, a key to longevity, promoting lean muscles mass and bone density while decreasing fat tissue
Pro #4
It is a naturally occurring amino acid in the body that helps to fight off disease.  When you increase the l-arginine in your body you will find that you have a better and healthier immune system. This is going to help you to have the best functioning immune system.
Pro #5
If you are injured you will find that it helps you to heal quicker. It has even been proven to accelerate healing in wounds and burns. It is important to understand how l-arginine can help you. This means that you should know all of the pros and how they will benefit your body.

Pro #6
It is known to lower the LDL cholesterol in your body. This is the bad cholesterol that is responsible for cardiovascular disease and other health problems.
Pro #7
L-arginine is naturally occurring in children and helps their body to be able to grow into adulthood. It can also help children who are having growth hormone problems to be able to grow more naturally without a lot of the risks that are associated with other synthetic growth hormones.
Pro #8
It can improve heart health it also improves performance. This is important when you want to be able to endure a lot of physical activity or high physical demands.
Pro #9
L-arginine can be a natural way to reverse the problems associated with ED (erectile dysfunction).
Pro #10
L-arginine mimics the same amino acid that is already produced within the body so there is little chance of ending up with too much or potential additional problems. In fact you might even find that it just basically fills in when your body does not produce what it should on its own.

Understanding the Cons

Along with understanding l-arginine benefits, being aware of the cons will help you make smart decisions when taking this substance.
Con #1
L-arginine might be responsible for activating an enzyme in the liver that could potentially cause you to have problems with the prescription medications that you are on. These medications might not function as they should.
Con #2
You should only take l-arginine in the beginning while under the treatment of a MD with regular follow ups. Of course many people choose supplements to avoid having to go to the doctor.
Con #3
If you are on l-arginine then you must make sure that you avoid taking any supplements that contain ephedra. It is very important as the mixture of these two supplements can have devastating l-arginine side effects. These could lead to an increase in blood pressure and potentially in your death.
Con #4
You cannot take ephedrine with l-arginine or you could have the same devastating side effects described above, even leading to death.
Con #5
Likewise it is suggested that you not take l-arginine with pseudoephedrine. This again could lead to death or high blood pressure as well as a variety of additional complications.

Con #6
While on l-arginine some people have headaches that in some cases even become migraines.
Con #7
Another one of the negative l-arginine side effects is that some people might suffer from rapid heart rates or nervousness. If you have any of these symptoms you should get immediate medical attention and cease taking the supplement.
Con #8
L-arginine can affect ability to sleep and might cause insomnia to some individuals. However, it should not cause any problem to a healthy male or female who take normal 6 grams per day arginine dosage.
Con #9
When combined with St John’s Wart, l-arginine can have a dangerous and devastating reaction so it is another supplement that you should make sure that you are avoiding.
Con #10
Finally you will have to make sure that you read up about the potential risks associated with combining l-arginine with coumadin. This could be potentially dangerous but the information available is conflicting so some reports state that it is not safe, while others state that it is.


L-arginine benefits far outweigh its side effects. Understanding the health benefits as well as its side effects will help you maximize the potential of this powerful substance. As you noticed these cons are in fact the precautions to be taken into account when combined with other medications, supplements and individual health conditions.

According to Dr. Harry Eldwardt, ND.,PhD. “..arginine is the safest amino acid in the entire amino food chain but certain persons should avoid using any arginine supplements without express authorization from their physician.”

My Personal l-arginine Benefits

Since I regularly take a product containing high grade l-arginine, formulated to achieve best bio availability and absorption, and of pharmaceutical grade. I've been experiencing tonic effect on my overall health. There were times when I had pain in my chest. I know it is related to the heart and cardiovascular condition called angina.

Now, it does not bother me anymore. I feel positively good and occasionally do some running and lots of walking too. Being a relatively healthy man I have not had any arginine side effects so far. My cholesterol level has improved significantly since, as well as "man's muscle" functioning. L-arginine does not affect my sleeping either. In my opinion this is the most efficient supplement I ever discovered.

My article on What is L-arginine – How Does It Work, Where Does it Come From and Can It Benefit Me also has a lot of useful information on l-arginine so do stop by and read that to for a full understanding of this miracle substance. If you have any specific questions on its l- arginine benefits or side effects, don’t hesitate to contact me any time.

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