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muscle building supplements

There are many different muscle building supplements available today.  These supplements work much in the same way that drugs do but the difference is that they provide athletes and body builders with the ability to get the additional muscle tone that they need for their success without the adverse side effects.  

These supplements should not be used as an alternative to eating the right foods but instead they should be used in addition to the right foods in order to get that extra help that you need to successfully build up muscle quicker.

Muscle Building Supplements V/S Drugs

The good news is these supplements are readily available and they are not illegal either. In addition, you do not have the harmful and damaging side effects that you get from the drug versions. 

The best vitamin supplements should contain a variety of different vitamins and minerals which include:

  • B12
  • Protein
  • Glutamine
  • Amino acids
  • Creatine
  • and nitric oxide. 

These are the main things that you need to make sure that you are getting the right nutrients for the repair of your muscles and body. Additionally it is always a good idea to look for iron supplements as they can help the body to be able to repair quicker as well.

Different Types of Supplements

protein supplements

When you go shopping for muscle building supplements you will notice that there is actually more than one type available at the store. Each of these is formulated for different results and you need to make sure you get the ones that will give you the results that you want.

All of these exercise supplements help to replenish the nutrients that you use up when you are exercising and which you cannot get easily from your regular diet, regardless of how healthy that you eat. 

One of these supplements is creatine, which is produced in the body but not at the level that is needed for body builders. The second type of muscle building supplements is dietary supplements. These are mainly used to help boost the nutrients that you are already eating in your foods. The main ingredients that are contained in these are protein and amino acids. 

Protein Supplements

The protein supplements are the most important because body builders need a higher amount of protein than most people eat. This is because protein builds the muscle mass and repairs the naturally occurring wear and tear in the muscles. Protein also is known to replace tissues that have been worn out.

You can get protein in a variety of different forms which include powders and pills or there are even bars that are flavored much like candy bars that contain high levels of protein. Different types of protein are better based on when you are taking the supplements so these are things that you should check into as well. For instance whey protein is more easily absorbed after working out and casein protein is better absorbed during down times.

The basic thing to look for when checking out bodybuilding supplements is to choose one that has a variety of different proteins. These blended proteins are a great choice because they help you to repair and build muscles all of the time. 

Finally you just need to remember that choosing an amino acid supplement will help you to be able to build more protein on your own in your body so they are a great addition to any supplemental routine.

amino-acids to increase endurance and growth. muscles building supplements

The amino-acids are essential building blocks for protein. It's proved to be beneficial for athletes if the supplement of their choice contains BCAA (branched chain amino-acids) combined with both, l-arginine and arginine alpha ketoglutrate. Amino-acids, known by body-builders to stimulate human growth hormone production are l-arginine and l-lysine. These work much in the same way as synthetic growth hormones and steroids without all the negative side-effects.

HGH released by these amino-acids is recorded to increase stamina and performance by athletes. However they have to be careful that these 2 supplements are not taken together, or to be present in one product.

Using muscle building supplements arbitrarily will not give you the muscles you want. You need to choose wisely to get the results you are looking for or else all of your hard work will be futile. The range we are proud to offer is created for body-builders and athletes by a scientist, former "Mister Olympia" Jeff Golini. Please check this page and learn about likely One Of The Best Muscle Building Supplements.

If you’d like to know more about using the right supplements, get in touch with me and I'll do my best to answer all of your questions. My articles on Bodybuilding Nutrition – Essential Advice For the Healthy Body Builder has plenty of useful advice on eating right for bodybuilding.

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