What Do Vegetarians Eat To Maintain Nutritional Needs and Stay Healthily

what do vegetarians eat

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The first thing to remember when you are learning what vegetarians eat is that most of the information that you may have earlier heard about is more likely to be wrong.

Much of what you have been taught about nutrition and nutrients has been taught to you by companies and organizations that are supported by different parts of the food industry. This means that while there are other sources of the same vitamins and minerals, you are only learning about the ones that come from that industry.

Common Myths About The Vegetarian Diet

For instance I always thought that you needed to have dairy products in your diet so you could get your daily requirement of calcium. What I learned when starting to look for nutrition info is that a lot of other products contained far more calcium than milk did. 

These other products were healthier for me in numerous ways, so I’m still getting all of the vital nutrients and enjoying a healthy lifestyle while being able to avoid eating meat.

Vegetarians Versus Vegans

So you might be wondering just what do vegetarians eat?  The answer is that they eat everything accept for the products that contain some form of animal in them.  This does not mean that they do not eat animal by-products.

There are many vegetarians who eat dairy products as well as other products that come directly from animals. The rule is just that if you are eating it then the animal must be able to produce it while they are alive. Many people wrongly confuse vegetarians with vegans who do not eat anything that is produced by or from an animal in any way.

tofu soybeans

Eating vegetarian is quite simple in our society and while being vegan is getting easier all of the time, it is still quite difficult if you are eating out. Some vegetarians will continue to eat fish and seafood as well. 

There are a variety of other products available that can help those who are interested in learning what do vegetarians eat. One of the most common meat substitutes is tofu. 

In past years this might have been the only one that you had heard of but today there are a variety of additional products on the market, such as tempeh which is a traditional soy product.

What You Should Know About Meat Substitutes

Meat substitutes are generally made from some type of bean. Soy bacon is one such meat substitute. These little slices of delight are made from soy beans and some people swear it tastes better than bacon. They pack in that entire salty and smoky flavor without the fatty parts and also without all of the oil and grease that is commonly found on bacon strips.

When you eat a healthy balanced vegetarian diet, you help your body to digest food with ease. Plus when you are choosing sustainable foods that are not processed you can easily start to feel like a completely different definition of health.

I hope this has given you a good insight into the kind of foods that vegetarians eat, if you have any thoughts of you own or vegetarian food selections that you would like to share with us please contact us

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